J&S Signs is a sign painting business founded by Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover, currently based in Portland, OR, although we are gladly willing to travel. We specialize in designing and painting large wall signs, but we also offer hand painted A-frame signs, glass gilding, window lettering, hand painted menus, hand painted vehicle lettering, blade signs and a variety of small items such as "open/closed" signs or directional signs.

Founded in 2013 in our hometown of St. Petersburg, FL, J&S Signs began creating hand painted signs and murals using traditional methods that have been expertly and carefully employed for generations. Our specialty is the design and execution of vintage style signs and murals that are painted directly onto a building’s surface, including brick, wood, glass, and metal. The result is a one-off, unique product that boasts character and authenticity of which businesses can be proud. We value craftsmanship and believe that because our work is completed by hand, it reflects the amount of time and care we gladly spend on each individual project. We are excited to be a part of sign painting’s resurgence and are happy to help in keeping the craft alive.

We take pride in creating our own designs for signage, murals, and logos, but are also happy to work with an existing logo or something a client brings to us. Our inspiration comes from vintage lettering of all kinds, such as ghost signs, window signs, packaging, and advertisements. We are always eager to find ways for signage to fit into each building’s unique character and architectural details. We see each job as an opportunity to make our world a more interesting place.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured   |   CCB #208298

Jeffrey was born and raised in Belleair, FL and received his BFA from the University of Florida, majoring in ceramics. He uses ceramics, mixed media and found objects in his artwork and shows his work locally and nationally. He has been an artist is residence at the Clay Studio of Missoula in Montana and assisted several workshops at craft schools around the country. He is an avid cyclist and dreams of embarking on a sign painting bicycle tour in the future. You can see more of Jeffrey's work at www.jeffreysincich.com.

Josh was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL and received his BFA from the University of Florida, majoring in ceramics. He uses ceramics, illustration and text in his artwork and shows his work locally and nationally. He has been an artist in residence at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN and at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL. He is inspired by vintage hand painted signs, folk art, retro illustrations and cartoons. You can see more of Josh's work at www.joshstover.com.



When we are putting together a quote for a sign or mural project, there are several factors that we consider:

• Size and complexity of the design to be painted
• Whether we will be creating a design for a client or painting an existing design
• Location
• Height of the sign or mural
• Travel costs
• Material costs
• Estimated time it will take to complete the project

We do not have set prices, but instead we create specialized quotes for each project we take on because these factors can vary so widely from job to job.


Getting Started

If you are interested in having us work on your sign or mural project the first step is to send us a description of your idea. Try to be as detailed as possible and, if you can, include the following:

• Size of the sign or mural
• Location of the project
• Whether it is indoors or outdoors
• Do you already have a design or would you like us to design something? (We are happy to do so.)
• Any images of your design or photos of the location will help us get a clear idea of the project and what you are looking for.

For some wall murals and larger wall signs we like to come look at the space before pricing the project. This helps us determine what kind of materials and equipment we may need for the job. Any materials or rental equipment needed will be included in the price of the project. (Scaffolding, lifts, etc.)

Once we have all of the details we can get to work putting together an estimate for you. When everything has been approved, we just need a deposit to schedule your project and we can get started on sketches. Deposits are nonrefundable.

If you’re interested in working with us, send us an email!

We look forward to working with you!