Pay It Forward
432 1st Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

This mural was intended to put a positive message up in our city for all to see. It is intended to brighten each passerby's day and promote positive change.































































You Are My Sunshine
Morean Arts Center, 719 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL

We were approached by the Morean Arts Center to create a mural for their building.  We chose this corner specifically for the light fixture on the facade.  We wanted to to tie in this unique architectural detail into the mural, which gave us the inspiration for the phrase "You Are My Sunshine."  We try to utilize each building's architectural details when creating a design or layout for a project.





















































Grow With Your City
First Central Tower Plaza, 310 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL

This mural was commissioned by Osprey Management to be part of a sustainable community garden. we chose the phrase "Grow with your city" to highlight the sense of communtiy here in St. Petersburg and reflect the pride that residents have in their city. The garden is made up of plants that are native to this area.